On the last day of the 2018-2019 school year, the fourth graders of Mr. La Marr's class were asked to give advice to the "new" fourth graders as to how to be successful during the 4th grade school year. The outgoing fourth graders spent a year working in Mr. La Marr's class, and they learned many valuable tips to help them attain the incredible amount of success they had. A fourth grader who wants to do well in room 15 would be wise to follow the advice given by the amazing students of '18-'19.


Dear 4th graders,

To help you succeed, here are some tips.

1) Participate! Mr. La Marr tallies every single time you speak, and that contributes toward your speaking and listening grade.

2) Don't procrastinate! For the projects you'll get this year, every second counts.

3) Put in your best effort! Your last report card of this year is your ticket to Churchill. Make an effort to do well, and you'll do great!

4) Laugh! It isn't always serious. There will be many opportunities to joke around with Mr. La Marr!

5) Don't be scared! Though this is a large transition, relax! You have a great teacher, and hopefully great friends to help you through it all.

Enjoy 4th grade!


Dear 4th graders,

Here in room 15 we work our hardest and you should too. You SHOULDN'T PROCRASTINATE, always BE PREPARED and DON'T give

Mr. La Marr too many jelly doughnuts. PAY ATTENTION when Mr. La Marr is talking during math or literature or he might randomly call on

you, and you won't know what he is talking about. ALWAYS be kind to each other, and BE RESPECTFUL.


(PS, 17!!!)

Here is some advice on how to be successful in 4th grade.


2. Work hard, never give up!!

3. Don't snap your fingers at Mr. La Marr.

4. Be nice to everyone!!!

5. Don't mess with Mr. La Marr's hair, friends, coffee nor baby!

Dear 4th graders,

-Make sure to not put assignments off to the last second.

-Be humorous-Mr. La Marr thinks a lot of things are funny.

-Don't be scared of him because he's tall; he's nice.

-Do not try to lose any school property; he will track you down for it.

-Keep an average of 2 books a month for the 20 book assignment.

-Spread human decency throughout the school year.

-Make school fun for yourself so it's not boring.

-Look forward to your overnight field trip. It should be fun even though it's not at Westminster Woods.

-The class reading is fun so look forward to it.

-Be at school because you will have to do a lot of work when you get back if you don't come.


Dear 4th grader,

You will love fourth grade. Mr. La Marr is a funny, awesome teacher. My advice to you is: don't procrastinate, NEVER. You will regret

doing it. Write in cursive. You will get a lower grade if you don't. (at the end of the year) Try your best! Sometimes Mr. La Marr will give

papers to Mrs. Darrow to show your progress. Ask questions if you don't understand. Don't mess with Mr. La Marr's hair, coffee and friends.

Don't mess around during class. You will get sent outside. Don't be afraid to tell jokes. Lastly, give Mr. La Marr donuts.


Dear new fourth graders,

Here is some advice for you to have a successful year.


Dear fourth graders,

Fourth grade is awesome! Mr. La Marr is really funny. But, there are also some things one needs to know about fourth grade.


2) Always be kind.

3) Don't interrupt Mr. La Marr while he is talking.

4) Don't mess with Mr. La Marr's hair, coffee or kids.

Fourth grade is awesome, and Mr. La Marr is really nice if you follow this advice.

From a former fourth grader

PS. Bring Mr. La Marr donuts.

PPS. My name starts with an S and ends with an A and also has an O, an F, and an I.

Do not procrastinate! If you do, your assignment will be bad. Also, don't interrupt Mr. La Marr! He will tell you to stop or will send that person

outside. It might be you. Aside from that, Mr. La Marr is a great teacher. He is funny and nice.  ALWAYS TRY YOUR BEST! Mrs. Darrow

might be watching you. Always study for quizzes. If you think, "I read the chapter once, that's enough," you're wrong. Read the chapter as

many times as you can; then you will probably do well on your quiz.

Mr. La Marr is really nice, funny, and kind. For me, after school is fun with Mr. La Marr. We talk about things that aren't related to school. He

is funny, nice and kind when you treat him right. Have fun with him.

You might think Mr. La Marr is scary, but he is not. Mr. La Marr rocks!


Dear new 4th grader,


Dear 4th graders,

If you procrastinate on projects, you'll get a low grade. Whatever you do, DON'T INTERRUPT!!! There will be consequences. Be funny at

recess. Mr. La Marr is not scary; he's funny when you are good. Try Science Olympiad. Bring in jelly donuts for Mr. La Marr.

Phantom Tollbooth is great. Riddle 17, 34, 51, 68, 85

Dear person,

1) Be creative, but don't be off topic.

2) As soon as a project is assigned, GET WORKING ON IT!

3) Do your best. You get points for effort.

4) Do extra credit; you can get a 4++.

5) For STEM, bring your own glue gun. If you share it, make sure everyone who uses it knows how to use a hot glue gun.

Don't be afraid of Mr. La Marr, but Mrs. Darrow will watch you. Focus, and you have nothing to worry about.

Good luck,

From Carrie

1) Do not procrastinate!

2) Make sure you turn in your assignments early or on time. Never turn it in late.

3) On your blogs, make sure you show food EFFORT and participate to get a good grade.

4) In class, when you have a discussion, make sure you raise your hand-trust me.

5) If you're afraid of Mr. La Marr, don't be; he is the best.

6) Always show good effort because you will never know if Mrs. Darrow is watching.



Dear 4th grader,

Do not procrastinate at all! There are some really fun project in room fifteen, and if you procrastinate, the projects will not be as fun. Do not be

scared of Mr. La Marr. He is a great teacher. Remember the number seventeen. It is an important number. Do not goof around or you will be

sent outside. It is much more fun inside than it is outside. Do not mess with Mr. La Marr's hair, coffee, or kids. If you participate in

discussions, then you will be way more successful. One more thing you must know is to give Mr. La Marr jelly donuts.

From, Edan

Always pay attention!

Only use homework passes when you don't have time (or if you don't want to do it). Though, you will still have to do it later.

Do not play with things under the table-Mr. La Marr will catch you.

Do not wait to get started on reading your 20 books. If you don't read enough, your grade will drop.

Mr. La Marr loves donuts! Don't give him too many.


Dear new fourth grader,

Here is some advice for 4th grade!


Selena, have fun!

PS. SEVENTEEN!!! (You'll get it eventually)

Dear fourth graders,

You will very much enjoy fourth grade. Mr. La Marr is funny and kind. Don't procrastinate. You are going to have to be a little bit more controlled and do not call out in class. Don't give excuses and be serious.

Former fourth grader,


Dear 4th grader,

Mr. La Marr is a very nice teacher as long as you don't mess around during class. ALSO, NEVER, EVER PROCRASTINATE. Mr. La Marr has some fun stuff to play with. ALWAYS be nice to everyone in your class. ALWAYS listen to Mr. La Marr or whoever is speaking.



Dear new fourth graders,

My advice to you is-

From a new 5th grader,



Advice for you about 4th grade!

1. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE; it never works out well!

2. ALWAYS TRY. Don't not put in effort or Mr. La Marr won't put in effort grading.

3. Mr. La Marr is a great, no, amazing, no, spectacular teacher so . . . BE NICE!

4. Give him jelly donuts, but not too many.

5. Raise your hand please. If you do call out, that person will not get picked.

6. If you be good, he will come outside to take you inside so you can play with the KEVA plants and marble tracks.

7. If you think Mr. La Marr is loud, you should hear Mrs. Darrow.

8. WARNING-cuteness overload incoming! Mr. La Marr has a grandson named Warren do don't scare him!Sincerely,

Amiyah, a former 4th grader

Dear 4th grader,

Do not procrastinate

Always have your binder clean and know where all of your papers are. You never know when you will need them.

I really hope you succeed in 4th grade.



1. Always turn in your homework ; it you don't it will snowball.

2. Always participate in class discussions

3. Always do cursive.

4. Always read carefully.

5. Keep your cubbie clean.

6. If you don't have your homework, look on the website and print it out.

7. Don't forget jelly donuts.


1. Don't procrastinate.

2. Don't interrupt.

3. Don't just sit there if you don't understand; say you don't understand.

4. Don't touch his hair.

5. Don't bully your fellow classmates.

6. Don't talk while Mr. La Marr is talking.

7. Don't touch his coffee.

8. Don't forget the number 17.

9. Don't be afraid to make jokes.


Dear new 4th graders,

I hope you guys know that Mr. La Marr is the best teacher ever! JUST BECAUSE HE IS A MAN AND TALL DOESN'T MAKE HIM

. Be sure to stay organized and do your best in everything you do. Always participate, look from different perspectives, and be ready to

collaborate. NO, he will not throw away your paper if it doesn't have your name on it. In literature read very closely, look for connections and

PAY ATTENTION. Mr. La Marr is energetic, funny, imaginative, and very good at pointing you in the right direction. Fourth grade is very

fun, but you also have to work hard in every subject. Make sure to not interrupt and be ready to go on plenty of field trips. In room 15 you are a

big kid, and you have to act like one. In room 15, you're like one big family so respect each other and work together because you're one big

team. DO NOT GIVE MR. LA MARR TOO MANY JELLY DONUTS! Lastly, don't procrastinate on anything. On your overnight field trip,

kiss and lick a banana slug and HAVE FUN!!!



1. DON'T PROCRASTINATE!! You'll pay for it if you do.

2. Pay attention to Mr. La Marr when he is talking; if you miss stuff, you won't be able to answer the questions and you'll miss out on the 


3. Mr. La Marr can get scary if you talk to a neighbor during a subject and will say "Out."

4. Always obey Mr. La Marr, or you'll get a consequence.

5. When you get to know him, Mr. La Marr is the best teacher ever.

6. I hope you love 4th grade.



Dear former 3rd grader,

DON'T be scared of the tall man in a suit.

DO be ready to collaborate.

DON'T let your water bottle roll into the middle of the classroom.

DO respect the rules of room 15. If Mr. La Marr thinks you don't deserve to be in the room, he will send you out.

The privilege to be a fourth grader with Mr. La Marr is huge. You get to stay after school to play with all of the fun planks and mazes. It is a

to sit in the bean bad chair and lunge in the fold up chairs. it is a PRIVILEGE to be in this classroom; respect the privilege. Respect

the teacher. Respect the classroom. Respect the rules of room 15.

I am not trying to intimidate you; I am trying to help you. If you follow these rules and don't procrastinate, you will be great. Have Fun!!!


Etai, "The person who helps."

Dear 4th graders,

Do not procrastinate! Always give everything your best shot; things are harder, trust me.

Be bold and participate! If you get a question wrong, don't worry. It's the right answer to some question and at least you tried.

Have creativity this year; you're going to need it.

Another thing, be fun! Mr. La Marr loves to joke around, so think of good jokes and tell them to him.

Try not to be mean. Nobody's perfect, but do your best to promote human decency.

The Phantom Tollbooth and Camp Monte Toyon in Santa Cruz are going to be very enjoyable.

So, have fun and don't him too many jelly donuts.



That is really sound advice from a group of extremely successful students who just completed fourth grade last year. They did an excellent job of touching on some important aspects of fourth grade.

What trends do you see?

What unanswered questions do you have?

What are some of the BIG ideas that you see?

Fourth grade is fun, and we do amazing things. Get in, belt up and let's drive this ship to excellence!