Suggested Supplies~


Suggested supplies for fourth grade RL are:

a binder with dividers to separate the subjects of language arts, math, social studies and science

(This is the main way we will organize paper this year)

three spiral notebooks of 70 pages; one for Daily Bites, one for word skills and another for math practice (The math notebook will need to be replaced during the year)
pencils-both regular and color


 Hi-Liter pens

a small pencil sharpener is helpful but not necessary

a folder with a pocket on one side to store work to be taken home to do and a pocket on the other side to place completed homework that is ready to be submitted

a flash drive for computer work-definitely needed soon! (8 GB is plenty of space)

many students have found having their own paperback thesaurus is helpful - Webster's Thesaurus works well for fourth grade students

a small pencil box that will be able to store pencils, erasers, Hi-Liters, and the flash drive in the student cubbie is important since we do not have desks