The fourth graders will be going to Westminster Woods from April 9-12, 2019. They will learn about outdoor education in a setting which cannot be duplicated anywhere. The class will go to the Armstrong Redwoods and learn about the ecosystem of the redwood forest. The students will also have the opportunity to search tidepools along the coast at the Sonoma County Beaches. The class work in Dutch Bill Creek and generate data about the healthiness of the creek, and we will get to see where the water from the creek enters the Pacific Ocean. In addition, there will be plenty of hiking and learning, including a night hike, at the facility as well. It will be a great week of learning and fun!



Use this page of the website to preview topics about which we will learn during our week of environmental education!


Banana Slug!



Visit Westminster Woods Online

Redwood Forest Links~




Redwood Photos

Coastal Redwoods

The Redwood Forest

Armstrong Redwoods

About Coast Redwoods

Three Types of Redwoods

Save the Redwoods League

Ecology of the Coast Redwood

See the Redwood Photo Gallery

Redwoods-the tallest trees in the world

Ten Amazing Facts about Coast Redwoods

Coast Redwoods from the National Park Service

Very Detailed information about Coast Redwoods




 Let's Go Tidepooling!


Why Tides?

Tide Pool Life

Visit Gerstle Cove

The Intertidal Zone

What is a Tide Pool?

Life in a Tide Pool-a video

Adaptations for Tide Pool Life

Treasures of California Tide Pools

Which Animals Live in Which Zone?

Online Tide Pool "Packet"-Great Site!

Pictures of Common Tide Pool Animals

Search "tide pool" at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Learn How to be Safe in the Tide Pools-Important!




Can you identify these tide pool critters?



Fun Stuff to Check Out~

Night Hiking Tips

Russian River Estuary

Amazing Animal Senses

Learn How Waves Work

Animal and Nature Games

Whale Migration Online Game

Nature Puzzles to Solve Online

Online Environmental Education

What is the Pacific Gyre? -Serious topic

The Dutch Bill Creek Watershed-the creek that runs through camp!