Writing Process


These are the steps of the writing process that will be taught throughout the year.



Choose a topic and plan your writing.

Use graphic organizers and get your main ideas together in some form of organization.



Now you can write!

Get your ideas down quickly.

Don't worry if you make errors. Have fun!

Be creative



Read your draft.

How can you make your ideas clearer?

Should you move anything to improve the order?

Can you use stronger words?

Should you add or remove anything?


Read your draft carefully.

Look for errors in:

  • spelling
  • grammar usage
  • punctuation
  • capitalization
  • sentence errors

Correct errors on your rough draft.

You may need to proofread your copy more than once


Revising Checklist-

Is the writing easy to understand?

Should I leave anything out?

Do I need to add anything?

Does the writing have a beginning, a middle and an end?

Do I need to replace uninteresting words or phrases or overused words or phrases?