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                                                                                                                                                                                Heated,small, clean, cozy, shelved, open, windowed
 Delicious, eatable, chewy                                                  

Peaceful, dark
Dreaming, enilightening, energizing

Bed, night, land, mountains

Flowing, rushing, splashing

Wet, wild


Like going home after a hard trip
Like moving to a dream house
Like a shimmering diamond waiting to be bought
Like an elegant horse running a race
Like a royal crown gleaming in the light

Like food prepared exactly to liking

Like a nice warm bed to sleep in

Burning, blazing, mystical


Cargo Net
Terrifying, dangling, slack, dangerous, rope-made, full, big
Cargo net


Isolated, full
Interesting, growing, sheltering
Simple, historic, busy, technological
Rushing, building, thriving

Huge, modern


A hillside full of trees

Birds chirping in the distance

The crisp morning air as it surrounds me

The grass sprouts on a hill

The dirt rushing through my fingers as I climb

Like a small place to call home

Like a forest waiting to be explored

Like sparkling diamond earrings

Like a shining piece of gold

Like a mystery waiting to be solved

Like a top selling book

Like making a science breakthrough



Sea animals living in peace       

Waves crashing against the rocks

The jagged rocks on my hands as I ascend the rock

The bat star rests on a rock as the sun is gazing down

The salt from the water blowing in the wind

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