The Redwoods
Tall, majestic redwoods
My friends talking
The warm, breezy air
A granola bar rapper

My Cabin
My friends running and turning the lights off
My friends calling each other names and telling stories
Clothes hitting me
My shirt

The Tide Pools

Creatures in the tide pools
My friends talking
Water on my hands
Rocks that I climb

Gaga Ball
Kids hitting the gaga ball
People counting
The hard gaga ball in my hand
The cold morning air
The gaga ball

The Night Hike
Footsteps crunching
The cold air
Cold, sharp air
Giant binoculars

The Cargo Net
My friends falling on the shaking cargo net
My friends screaming
The burn of the cargo net as I fall
Kids sweating
The side of the cargo net as I scramble up to tackle my teacher

The Campfire
People sitting around the campfire
People singing songs
The cold air
Cold, sharp air
A bench by the campfire

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