Freezing, beautiful, shining

Annoying, enjoyable, peaceful




Lively, annoying, enjoyable


A slimy salamander eager to get out of my hands
The sound of leaves crunching beneath my feet
A musky banana slug

The fresh air blasting on my face
  The beautiful redwoods towering above me

Banana Slug

Oozing, disgusting, slimy, mysterious, laggard, chrome-like, sticky

Banana Slug

Frightening, dim,

Investigating, interesting, entertaining,
Walking along the moon-lit trail,
Glistening stars

The darkness of the night on my hike
The sound of mucky mud beneath my hiking boots
  My own heartbeat pounding in my chest
The musty dirt mixed with the fresh air
My friend screaming in my ear

A beautiful day before me
Waves crashing on the jagged rocks

  The chilling water surrounding my feet
The charming fresh air
The hard shell of a sea star

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