Majestic, intriguing
Towering, rustling, impressing

Leaning over my head




Majestic redwoods towering high above my head

The peaceful sounds of song birds chirping in the air

The gentle, cold, refreshing wind blowing across my face

The sweet, relaxing scent of pines drifting around in the air

Dry, dusty, light green moss found along the trail



Cargo Net

Chaotic, loud
Alarming, swaying, s t r e t c h i n g
People screaming everywhere




Sour, delectable, delicate



The entergetic sound of rushing water

The spray of water in my face

Cold, crisp, misted air

Freezing, swirling water

Pearly stones at the bottem of this beauty


Flickering red, orange, and yellow flames

The crackling pop of burning wood

A warm, relaxing glow on my face

Smoke that billows up  from the fire

The cold damp bench on which I sit


Comforting, warm, filling

The colorful sea anemones w
aving their tentacles around in the water
The tiny hermit crabs skittering around on my hand
Crashing green waves pounding against the shore
The fishy smell of the sea wafting around me
The cold water as I reach down to handle the small creatures

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