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Coast RedwoodGaga Pit
The spray of water on my face as the waves pound upon the jagged rocks
The crisp salty air as I climb the cliff face
The white-topped swells crash upon the shore then retreat to the depths of the ocean
The purple ochre seastar that feels like coarse leather
The seals repetitive bar
k in the mid-day sun

Coast Redwood
Living, stretching, embracing
A giant looking down on me
Towering trees

Camp fire
Camp fire

Hilarious, wreckless
Tricking, teasing, laughing
Fun, athletic, quiet, stream
Calming, bubbling, soothing
Peaceful, noiseless

The soft shredded bark
of a majestic redwood
The strong scent of the California Bay Laurel at the hike's summit
The clonal ring of a redwood family
The sticky, slimy mucus of a banana slug
The crow's loud caw ec
hoing through the forest

Gaga pit
Chaotic, fantastic
Swerving, smacking, deceiving
An energizing game of elimination
Dodge ball

Coast redwoods
Gigantic, stunning, fabulous
Coast redwoods

The deflated ball as I slap it to defend myself in the gaga pit
The sweat of the players as they dodge, twist, and turn
The cheers of the DPM students as William Holz is crowned the champion of gaga ball
The athletes engaged in an excited game of gaga ball
The hard packed ground as I avoid getting eliminated

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