Redwoood tree
Tall, massive, fat
Redwood tree

Delicious, warm, big

Cargo net
Fun, hard
Exausting, complicated, wobbly
Hard to walk on
Giant hanging net


The soft cozy beds
The happy and excited laughter of my friends
The smooth wood of the ladder leading to my bed
The warm cozy warmth of the heater
The outside wetness of the leaves and trees

Tide pools

Cool, cold, slippery
Tide pools

The hike
Like a beautiful small forest
Like a clearing in a state park
Like a steep mountain wating to be climbed
Like a look out from an airplane
Like a great look stroll
Like arms reaching  out for  me
Like looking over the world

The redwood forest

Dark, mysterious
Shady, cool, cold, creatures
Flowing, crashing, splashing
Small, water insects
Creek searching


Flaming, hot, Powerful

Mysterious, cool
Relaxing, enduring, complicating
Relaxing maze


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