Tiny, comfortable
Comforting, entertaining, smelling
Houses, dormitories, outdoors, nature
Frightening, chilling, inspiring
Natural, pretty


Coast Redwoods

Tall, majestic
Towering, living, interesting
An awe- inspiring tree
Sequoia semperviren

Tide Pools
Colorful, living, wet
Tide pools

Like a mini inferno
Like a outdoor heater
Like a blazing star
Like a chef's brick oven cooking pizzas
Like the remains of a giant fire
Like the end of a lit cigarette
Like a melting, burning tree
Like a medieval knight's torch burning a ca

Cargo Net
Dutch Bill Creek below me
The playful screams of my friends
The crisp, evening air of recreation time
The food smells wafting up from the dining hall
The wet ropes of the net after a rainstorm

Dutch Bill Creek
Chilly, refreshing
Flowing, watering, drifting
Runs into the Russian River

The night hike
Dark, spooky, quiet, flashlights, evening, hiking, raccoons
The night hike

The car ride
Card games, laughter, jokes
The car ride

The Dining Hall

The dining hall
yummy, smelly, warm
The dining hall

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