The Labry nth

  The Labyrinth
Intricate, beautiful
Twisting, swirling, confusing
Swings around and around

The   Naturalists
Sea Anemone & Cargo Net

Funny, kind, knoledgable

Sea Anemone
Funny, wet
Squishing, slushing, sponging
Sea Creature, tide pools, creek, woods
Exiting, frightening, learning experience
Scary, fun
Cargo Net

The Redwood Forest
The hike up to the top of Armstrong Redwoods

The tall towering trees above me
The wonderful sounds of nature all around me
The rhythm of the forest
The sour redwood sorrel all around me as I jaunt through the woods
The rough red bark of a redwood tree

The hike up to the top of Armstrong Redwoods
Exhausting, interesting, beautiful
The hike up to the top of Armstrong Redwoods

The Meals
The Refrigorator Tree

Funny, Delicious,  interesting

 The Refrigorator Tree
Like a cool outpost in the humid dessart
Like a safe place for runaways
Like a polar ice in the barren flats
Like a vinal  bridge over the tranquil bridge
Like an awe-inspiring landmark in the park
Like a small amount of very valued shade above me
Like many other small pleasures in life

The Night Hike
The Car Ride

 The Night Hike
Scary, fun
Impelling, exelerating, daunting
Feeling our way through the darkness
Exporation in the dark

Car Ride
Long, exellent,  hilarious
Car Ride

The Cabin
Intersting, tiring, booming
A small place called home

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