Armstrong Redwoods
22nd poolside cabin
The redwood
Cargo net
Fabulous Ferns
Night hike

Ancient towering redwoods above my head
birds chirping a beautiful melody
leaves photosynthesizing
fresh air of the never-ending woods
rough, hard wood of the tree.

The flashing of lights before bed time
loud laughing that can be heard from the dining hall
  craziness of the cabin
smell of dirty gym socks and gas
  soft sleeping bag at night.

like a tower soaring in the sky
like the pillar nebula in space
like a rough tree used for back-scratching
like a entire ecosystem unto itself
like a ancient giant reaching down
like a green spear used in the giant wars
like the trees on Endor in Star Wars.

A net that is used to play on
laughter of children playing
terrible rope burn on the eye brow somebody got
stinky dirt the shoes rubbed on the cargo net
rough rope that is felt by everyone.


Like the best of the best.
Like the humorous and creative personality.
Like the energetic runners of time.
Like the ancient wise people.
Like the fate of the world unto itself.
Like the lords of Westminister Woods.


The Night hike
Creepy ghost faces staring at me
screaming of us in the darkness
ghosts of my dead relatives in the darkness
deer scat that is disgusting
trees I feel trying to find my way.

Like a small ecosystem
like an ocean with different creatures
like the jungle with lots of animals
like the world with mountains and oceans
like the coastline on the San Francisco bay area
like the undescribable wonders of nature.


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