The Tide pools

Pounding, rolling, blue waves  

Wind and mist blowing across my face
     Salty, crisp, clear, air  

Dry sandstone as I climb jagged rocks


The Campfire

Colorful, dancing, flames

Songs as the firewood burns

A welcoming warmth on the first night of camp

Pure air as the breeze flutters past my face

My warm pockets as I sing a new song



Crystalline, stunning

Rushing, flowing, bubbling

Clear water that flows into a river



Redwood Forests

Majestic trees that tower above me

Animals scampering near me

Brisk, cold, cooling air

Fresh Christmas-y smelling wind

A gigantic, damp, redwood that soars into the sky


Redwood Sorrel

Sour, green-ish, delicious

Redwood sorrel



The Hike

Challenging, skyward

Clambering, marching, proceeding

A difficult walk uphill

An ascending trek



The Cargo net

Rough, exciting, bouncy

Cargo Net



   The Night Hike

   Wondrous, mysterious, crystal- clear

                                                                           The Night Hike                                                                          


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