Towering, tough
Forest giants, wide
Breathtaking, long, fun
Humorous, dangerous
Cargo net

The kids playing gaga ball

The birds sing wake up songs
The wind blowing on my face
The creek water down the hill
The grass on the ground

The seagulls flying by
The ocean crashing on the rocks
 The wind blowing on me
The salt in the sea
All the creatures in the

Fast, amazing, Wet


My friends in their beds
Every one talking
My blankets on top of me
The stench of bean night
My warm sleeping bag

 All the trees
The birds tweeting
The morning air
The redwood sorrel
 The sticks on the ground floor

The cargo net bouncing
The kids talking
The grass rubbing against my feet
The creek flowing by
The button to roll down the window

Exciting, fun, great

Dangerous, adventurous, fun


Glow worms in the ground
Feet stomping in the dirt
Leaves brushing against me
The smell of wilderness
The branches of the trees



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