Fun, groovy, amuck

                                  Campfire Songs                  

A roaring fire

Cozy, warm, plain


The glistening sun is reflecting on these magnificent

Enchanting, towering, fascinating, elderly, extraordinary,



This is a view from the bottom of the

Clinical, oblivious, clueless, agile,



 This deer is on a hill

Mysterious, adventurous

Breathtaking, exhausting, exciting

A  mysterious journey

Early exploration

Rope, rough

Astonishing, amazing, appealing

A network of rope

Connected cable

This is what the Cargo Net looks like at
Westminster Woods

Water, rocks

Thrilling, interesting, compelling

  Harbor, coast, redwoods, redwood sorrell

Growing, eating, towering

Fascinating, heart-stopping

Armstrong Redwoods

Slime, goo

Crawling, boring, staring

Life-cycle, antennae, food, energy

Eating, feasting, chatting

Loud, organized


This is a wooden cabin

We slept on green mattresses while at
Westminster Woods

Everyone unpacking their BIG suitcases as we move into our cozy cabin of

  The scratching sound of Velcro when we put on our colorful shoes

  The warmth of the burning heater it fill the room with the heat like that of a fire's

The shoes that were, sadly, placed right by the baking heater

My thin, green mattress with the wooden poles underneath

This is my big blue suitcase that I brought  to Westminster Woods

Stinky shoes were placed by the heater

All of the extremely excited people rushing past me like lightning

The crashing sound of everyone's dirt-covered shoes as they stomp in the muddy road

The coolness of the winter breeze as it blows against my smiling face

The essence of nature

The Jagged wood of the tree house, hoping not to get splinters

Like being on a TOWERING skyscraper

Like sitting on a pile of stale bread crumbs

Like a king ruling over his kingdom

Like a pleasant invitation to a photographer

Like a pile of inspiration waiting to be noticed

Like the feeling that you get on Christmas Day

Like going to a zoo without cages

Like having earbuds on while in the car

This is the Westminster Woods
wooden sign of wonders

Like a three night long sleepover

Like a jumbo-sized adventure

Like an extremely long time to hang out with your friends

Like the best field trip EVER possible

Like a camp full of happy children

Like a scene waiting to be experienced

Like the most dramatic part in a play

Like three field trips in one

This is the beautiful
Westminster Woods logo

Leina is 10 years old and lives in California with two older brothers,
one mom, and one dad. She loves to read and play basketball. She also
loves fashion and her favorite colors are pink and white. She has three
amazing best friends. Zoey, Naomi, and Ana. I love school because I have
an awesome teacher that makes learning fun. His name is Mr. La Marr and
he was teacher of the year from 2015-2016. He is an outstanding teacher. She
has no pets, although she previously had a pet fish. Her favorite animals are
horses, kittens, and lions. She likes horses because they are majestic, and kittens
because they are cute and cuddly. She likes lions because they are fierce and they
are the king of the jungle. Leina is the proud designer of this amazing webpage.

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