Lots of beds shadowed in the darkness

Everyone in my cabin talking more and louder every minute

All of the voices fading away and my blood starting to relax

The pollen from the flowers, and the disgusting smell of gas

My very comfortable sleeping bag with smooth silk



Spectatular, phonomenal

      Walking, photosyntheszing, exploring

  Green dots of trees 


    Banana Slug

    Oozing, sluggish, distasteful

Banana Slug


        ree time

Freedom, adventurous

Jumping, dancing, laughing

Redwoods, footpaths, cactuses, eagles

  Panting, sweeting, limping

  Disaterous, terrible

  Like waking up from a sleepover

  Like regular morning to prepare

  Like waking up a party

  Like having support from your friends to wake you up

  Like a feeling that your going to have a great day

  Like opening your eyes to heaven

  Like gitting to know your friends more

Michael La Marr
Enjoyable, rough, mind-

Michael La Marr

guy playing the guitar and singing at the same time

Very funny and catchy songs

Ashes from the burning fire

Very enthusiastic songs

The jagged bench that is a little bit smooth



  he beatuful ocean and lot of crab

 The waves from the ocean crashing

 The refreshing air of the Tidepools

 My shoes that are very uncomfortably wet

 The very cool and cold sea citters

  ike a food god

 Like the best time of the day

 Like eating with your friends at school

 Like the best time for social hour

 Like having well cooked and mouth watering food

 Like eating at a restaurant

 Like a really remebered moment



Small, creative, protected





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