The dark room filled with wooden bunk beds
jokes and hilarious stories my best friends
The freezing sleeping bag against my body
The fresh air bursting through the front door
The wooden ladder as I steped one by one towards the ground


Gushing, spilling, refreshing


‘’ Coffee break’’
The beautiful flowing river run past me

The small glistening waterfall pounding against the ground

The cold misty air, brush against my face

The fresh air as the water crashes against the ground

The jagged rocks when I tumble against the ground


Armstong Redwoods

Muted, Dim, Freezing

Beautiful, Amazing

Tiring, fascinating, gorgeous, giant trees, green,

Glistening, pounding waves,

Fun, enjoyable, awesome

Appealing, fascinating

Tide pools

Banana slug

Slimy, disgusting, sluggish, filthy, yellow, cold

Banana slug


Amazing, beautiful, enormous, awesome, green


Banana slug

 A slug that looks like a banana that has left to rot in a window seal

My self, screeching in disgust as I lick the banana slug

The slimy disgusting slug as I move my tongue fast across it’s slimy body

  A disgusting odor coming from the slug

The slimy extremely slow moving figure that makes me want to vomit

Mountain view

Beautiful, amazing, awesome

Mountain veiw

Tide pools

Pounding waves, glistening water, beautiful views, amazing sea creatures

Tide pools

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