The vast green pastures

My car group singing all songs playing in our car

My finger graze along my ridged pant legs

Cow poop as we drive past the putrid lea

The springy car seat of the car for our entertaining car group
Recreation Time

Enjoyable, entertaining, ridiculous

Recreation Time


Smelly, loud, havoc, delightful, mayhem


  Armstrong Redwoods

Like an aquarium with red kelp EVERYWHERE

Like a walking through the cracks of a rock

Like journeying in redwood sized grass

Like getting paid $500 for one dollar

Like winning a Jedi versus Smith battle with no violence

Like being victorious in a 100 kilometer marathon

Like wanting to jump off a cliff because it is so fun

Gigantic, majestic

Reaching, lunging, sucking

The towering trees


Tide pools

Moist, singly, keen

Tide pools

The Labyrinth

Rocks lined up to make an amazing maze

  Birds chirping a beautiful melody

  The rough outside of my head

The delicious redwood sorrel

  Ridged side of my dark blue jeans


Yellow, slushy, sticky

Banana Slug

Thanks for
taking time
to look at
my first web

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