A coast redwood fairy ring surrounding me
The birds tweeting and chirping to each other
The soft breeze as it blows in my face

The sweet smell of the coast redwood’s leaves
The bumpy and soft bark of the redwood tree

The Tide Pools
A sea star eating a clam
The waves crashing against the rocks
The hard wind as it blows my hair backward
The salty air coming straight from the sea
The rough sandstone rocks I climb to get a better view of this perfection


The blazing and colorful campfire
The crackling of the wood as it burns in the fire
The warmth of the hot and energetic fire
The smoke leaving the majestic fire
The hard and wooden benches I sit on to watch the beautiful fire

The Creek
Quiet, calm, interesting

 The Cabin
Reckless, loud
Embarrassing, teasing, sc
Annoying, depressing, rushing, foami
Beautiful, incredible

Cargo Net
Tricky, complex
 Bewildering, confounding, intriguing
A network of ropes

Ga- Ga Ball
 The Ga-Ga ball as it nearly misses me
The crowd
cheering for the remaining three survivors
The Ga-Ga Ball as I hit it towards someone

The wet bark inside the Ga-Ga pit
The boards I brace myself against in the Ga-Ga pit


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