The orange flames blazing with a happy light that shines brightly
The joyful and silly voices that sing along to the song that is being sung
The burning wood smell that floats through the air, invisible in the dark sky
My hands hold together in my pockets to gather warmth as I sing happily
My soft hands that are tightly wrapped together to create warmth


Beautiful, chocolate brown hair that resembles a princess
 The redwoods and the dark dirt that covers the earth
 My friend’s hand that grips my hand, joyfully
The sound of the lovely voices of the girls Zoey, Leina, and Ana talking in excitement
The hand of Leina which is smooth and silky; the beautiful hand holds my hand in joy

The towering redwood gapes down at me with the redwood’s green needles high above
The wind rushing through the regal forest
The beautiful nature surrounding me
The greenest moss that is draped against the redwood’s bark
 The fluffy moss that covers the redwood’s bark for about five feet

The dusty, old cabin shimmering with happiness
The other girls walking through the door with suitcases rolling behind
 My friends, cabin mates, and me talking and giggling in excitement and joy
I smooth my hand against the wood after I roll my backpack to the end of the wall
The smoothness of the wood of the bunk as my friend climbs up to the top bunk

The majestic cargo net that is very fun
The curving nature all around the cargo net and the smell of other people
The happy giggles and laughter of other people climbing, stumbling, walking, and crawling across the cargo net
The taut rope under me as I walk tentatively across, scared to fall and hurt myself
The rough rope that is twisted into a taut rope

The small squishy body of the banana slug as I hold it
The dirty smell of dirt that covers the ground
The crunching of twigs as people step on the fallen branches
The body of a tiny banana slug when it just sits there
The slimy body of the small, yellow banana slug

The sparkling, blue ocean that is spread out in front of me
The crashing waves that hits the rocks down bellow
The salty scent of the ocean that is turning rocks into sediment
The salty wind that weaves through the crowds of children
The salty, chilly water as I reach to touch a sea anemone

This is a picture of a beautiful ocean. 

Majestic, tall structure that stands above
The ropes that seem like a rope staircase when I struggle to climb
The harsh rope that is stiff and hard that kicks my skin
The other students and wet bark
The happy giggles, chatter, and laughter of other students

About the author
Zoey is a 10 year old girl. She was born in California but her parents are Korean.  Even if she is korean she loves her freinds' fashion statements! Her favorite color is pink and purple but her favorite sport is swimming. Her favorite subject in school is math! She is in fourth grade and loves her teacher, Mr.  La Marr! Her poetry was a project about their time at Westminster Woods. She has amazing freinds that are Leina, Naomi, and Ana. Thank you so much for checking out my webpage!

Here I am in a pink shirt with glasses and crossing my legs. This takes place at Salt Point with some of my freinds!

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