A weird zombie
“Brains, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, $500 bills” is what I heard
Flesh being ripped off my head
The stinky smell of sweaty arm pits
I got the flashlight to scare the zombie away

And I was never heard from again . . .

This webpage was made before the tragic happening.

Or was it . . .

Like a litten tomato

Like a kept in fire

Like a raspberry with a light in it

Like a the color of the devil's lair

Like the bright color of blood

Like a banana

Like a slug

Like a decomposer

Like a enlarged, fat, yellow worm

Disco light

Deer poop

I hear "Uh huh! uh huh! yeah baby!”

A friend climbing on top of me

My flash light to blind everybody

Like a pink sea aneneme

Like a slug

Like an alien

Redwood sorrel
              Delicious, sour, green, clover-like
                            Redwood sourel


  Large, intrestresting, enlarging, amazing,
                     Tallest plant ever
                       Coast redwood

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