Kiran getting dressed in the morning

Riley exploding with gas on taco night

My lumpy sleeping bag as I go to sleep

John mumbling in his sleep

A blast of tepid air from the heater inside the cabin

Slimy, decomposer, awesome

Banana Slug

People shake the cargo net

The rough rope the cargo net is made of as I fall down

People screaming in joy

The earthy scent of the plants that surround me

The scratchy net as I try to stand

Dance music coming from the radio

I sway as we make a sharp turn

The majestic ocean below

The smooth button to open my window

The ocean's salty smell

A hermit crab crawl up a jagged rock

The slippery rock I climb

A slippery hermit crab as I attempt to pick it up

People excitedly discuss their finds in the tide pools

The salty scent of the ocean with its crashing waves

Exhausted from the excitement of the trip

People loading their giant luggage into cars

The smooth handle of the car door as I get in the car

People sadly saying bye to their naturalists

The watery aroma of the creek for the last time, for I may never go to Westminster woods again

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