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Westminster Woods Community
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Dutch Bill Creek

Glistening, rippling waters

Rushing water crashing into rocks

The crisp, freezing water sinking into my shoes

The scent of decaying fish and the bay leaves settling into my nose

The rough, woody trees as a stabilizer



The refreshing, blue waters coming in then going back out

The rushing waves pounce on top of the jagged rocks

The mist that sprays up from the violent waves

The clean, cool air makes a home in my nose

The cliffside, which provides support as I migrate around the tide pools


Tide Pools

What seemed like hundreds of pools filled with ocean life

The sounds of kids calling for each other all around me

The cool air forms a ring around me

The scent of clean air and food fill the air

The jagged rocks help me down the side of the hill


Like a bundle of tangled string

Like a melted piece of chocolate

Like a group of squiggly lines

Like a deformed hand

Like a Hershey Kiss with legs

Like a ponytail on the back of a girl’s head

Like a cluster of detached arms

Like a bulb with eight different stems


Quick, slender, scared, narrow, miniature, acute, dark-colored



Vivid, slimy

Waving, Opening, Closing

A bundle of flowers flying in the wind

A sea boa


Noisy, scampering, hiding



Sneaky, shady, hidden, short-haired, brown, freckled, scared, lovely,


California Mussels

Solid, secured

Striped, multicolored, clustered,

Firm, clamped, jagged, pointed,

Reaching, monochromatic, slender

Choppy, swaying,


Banana Slug

Slow, slimy

Spotted, cold, numbing

Climbing, gliding, flames, friends

High, vibrant, blazing

Songs, games


Night HIke

Dark, moonlight, educational

Night Hike


Colorful, warmth

Ebbing, swaying, heating,

A cluster of light rays all polychromatic

Multicolored heat

Cross Overlook

Steep, , foggy,

Cross Overlook

Creek Walking

Debris, cold

Hiking, climbing, sliding

A hike beside the creek with my teacher and two friends

Exploring along the creek

Cargo Net

Rough, bouncy, exhilarating,

Cargo Net


Thick, bronze

Towering, high-reaching, astonishing

A group of friends protecting me from the outside

Red giants

Armstrong Redwoods

Like hidden trails waiting to be discovered

Like amazing views waiting to be captured by the human eye

Like a forbidden place with the trees guarding the outside

Like an another world above my head made up

of branches and leaves

Like an outside museum of trees and plants

Like an army of trees waiting for the next command

Like a secret place that only people who love and want to 

learn about nature can go


Cozy, comfy
Welcoming, warming, heating
A quant room with good bones
Hillside #3

Divine, heavenly, delicious


Kind, involved,

Helping, encouraging, welcoming

A sweet person who was nice


Dining Hall

Hundreds of kids enjoying themselves and the food

The shouts of kids talking to their friends

The warm heaters faint warmth touches my skin

The smell of the enjoyable food fills the air

The hard chair and table as I scoot myself in to hear my

friends’ stories

Gaga Ball Pit

Crazy, Fun

Jumping, sprinting, hitting

Like a herd of antelope running from the lion

A swarm of bees

Lively, maze-like, immense

Westminster Woods

Enjoyable, friendly
Amusing, entertaining, thrilling
A camp full of exciting, kind people
An amazing place away from home

Car Ride
Loud, crazy, sleepy
Car Ride

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