The Beginning of an Amazing  Week

Armstrong Redwoods

Tide Pools

The Overlook View

Dutch Bill Creek


  The Arrival
The screeching of my friends and I as we go along the road
The excitement and happiness of not having to wait any longer…
I then remark that I now am surrounded by deer and trees the size of a giant…
The aroma of fresh nature air and the sap from the trees coming throughout my nose….
The wood on the trees and the flowers starting to bloom


Sea Anemones

A slimy yet colorful sea creature…
The squirting of water as it gets touched…
The fragrance of crisp spring air….
The small tentacles that hide when I grope it…
The gooey yet soft slime slime that in a way curls when it gets disturbed…
And the sea world that surrounds me…


Tide Pools
Like a whole new underwater world
Like an underwater jungle
Like a scene from the movie “The Little Mermaid”
Like a never-ending monument made of living creatures
Like a ocean that can only be found in a person’s imagination
Like a huge aquarium full of millions of creatures


The Cabin
The small yet cozy cabin I would be staying in for a while…
The happiness that I get to bunk with my best friends…
The screeching me and my friends make…
The wood that the cabin was made of…
My mattress that is soft and the blankets in my luggage….
I was about to have the time of my life…


Armstrong Redwoods
Armstrong Redwoods
Tiring, but still very fun
Fascinating, enterprising, and prodigious
Amazing and full of adventure and enjoyable
Very convivial


Kind, Loving, Caring, Wonderful, admirable,


The OverLook View
Majestic, beautiful, amazing, remarkable, Unforgettable,
The OverLook View


Stunning, dazzling, sparkling, radiant, ravishing! Moon


Cherry Blossoms
Pink, magnificent, beautiful, in bloom, perfectly.. perfect!
Cherry Blossoms


Appetizing, cheezy, delectable, satisfying, delicious,





The Beginning of an Amazing Week



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                     THE OVERLOOK VIEW!



Tide Pools

                             DUTCH BILL CREEK


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                                       Westminister Woods Dining Hall!


Some Of Westminster Woods Itself!






                                      Who Has Come?



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