Westminster Woods Poetry
By: Artur

      Table of Contents

Creek & Redwoods

Tide Pools/Volcano

Armstrong Redwoods & Mist

Banana Slug

Gumboot Chiton/Eagle

Westminster Woods


Rapid, streaming, vigorous


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Gigantic, perpendicular

Towering, standing, germinating

Leafy giant stands mighty

Gargantuan red giant

Tide pools

Peaceful, jagged

Crashing, splashing, spraying

Tides, stones, obsidian, magma

Erupting, scorching, spouting

Fierce, active


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Armstrong Redwoods

 Lanky redwood giants

 The aria of birds chirping

 The cold gusts of flowing air

 The minty redwood pines

The rugged red bark

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Like an enclosing of clouds

Like massive, inverse smoke

Like a giant ghostly, billowing lake

Like an army of water molecules

Banana Slug

Slimy, sluggish

Inching, expelling, dwelling

An amber mass wandering in the woods

A golden, shell - less snail

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Gumboot Chiton

Firm, protective

Clinging, crawling, curling

 Shell, slime, wings, beak

Aerial, superior

 Soaring, flying, swooping


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Westminster Woods

The wild kids playing on the field

The creek flowing rapidly

The cherry blossoms spiraling on to my shoulder

The paths of nature beyond me

The culinary cuisine they provide to us

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