Gaga Pit

Students around the pit trying to not get hit 
Juveniles screaming in the gaga pit
The wall while trying to not get hit
The dirt coming up from all the kids running in the gaga pit
The gaga ball trying to get the best kids out


Lively, adventurous
Exciting, exploring,interesting A pool full of animals                A miniature ocean


Westminster Woods Trip
Like 3 trips in one

Like a big bunch of nature’s fun

Like a campsite invaded by 4th and 5th graders

Like life in nature with helper

Like nature divided into sections

Like nature’s school

Like a camping trip

The star shaped figure

The silence while getting the star fish of the rock

The ridged pattern

The calms around the Starfish

The suckers on the other side


The fire rising
The camp songs being sung
The warmth of the fire
The charcoal scent

The wet wood under my bottom


 Nice, helpful, sweet