Like a white rainbow of sparkling, shimmering, water       

Like a centipede, never stopping

Like a cool, colorful beautiful painting

Like a road waiting to be driven on

Like an endless white cloud never calming

Like a beautiful natural masterpiece

Like natures best friend
I hope no one goes swimming.

Dutch Bill Creek

I see the rapid, fast, white water

I hear the roaring water
I feel the mist around me
I smell the redwoods all around me
I touch the hard, smooth, massive rocks near me

I miss Dutch Bill Creek!

The redwood forest

I see the birds fly above my head and the redwood canopy over my head
I hear the wind howling as I stroll through the forest
I feel the wind whipping my hair in every direction
I smell the sweet, sappy smell of redwoods and redwood sorrel
I touch a hollowed out redwood and climb inside

Does that say Arson Jones!?

Cargo Net

Like a rough, bumpy, arm folding around me as i fall

Like an origami maze, made to trap
Like an intricate weaving of nature
Like a piece of art, yet dangerous
Like a rainbow of rope art
Like a windy maze
Like a never ending work of natural art

Playing on the cargo net is fun!

Salt Point

I see the rolling white water reach out for me

I hear the waves meet land with a crash
I feel the cool sea breeze hit my face and whip my hair
I smell the sea as I catch a whiff of seals
I touch the many sea creatures living in the tide pools

This is a cool wave!

Cabin 2

I see my cabin mates sleeping soundly

I hear someone snoring
I smell the waft of redwoods creep into the cabin
I feel my warm pajamas as I push my sleeping bag over my head
I touch my sleeping bag as I drift down into a soundless sleep

This is my cabin.


I see the flames jump up to grab a star

I hear the crackling, roaring flames
I smell the smoke as it rises into the air
I feel the warmth of the fire
I touch the ashes of the wood

I love the smell of ash!

Ba-na-na SLUG!!!!
Banana Slug

I see the yellow banana slug slink around
I hear the slimy slugmove about
I touch its slimy skin with my tongue
I feel the banana slug moving on my hand
I smell the foul oder of this slippery slimy decomposer

Gaga Pit

I see a flurry of people rushing around
I hear the whoosh of the ball as it passes my ear and bounces off the wall
I touch the ball as I hit it towards the crowd
I feel the ball as it hits me on the side

This is my friends and I playing gaga ball. It's loads of fun!


I see my naturalist, Meadow, as she picks up a banana slug
I hear her loud, clear voice as she speaks
I feel her jacket as we play a game
I touch her in a game, feeling triumphant
I smell her scent of redwoods and redwood sorrel

My hiking group and I are having fun!

Redwood Sorrel

I see the vibrant colors as I spin the redwood sorrel around
I smell the strong, sweet scent
I touch the soft, hairy leaves
I feel the smooth surface

Those little leafs are tasty!