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Hard level poetry

Redwood Forest

The giant redwoods shooting up to the sky
The leaves rustling in the wind
 The cool breeze lightly blowing against my skin
The strong scent of a crushed bay leaf
The slimy back of a banana slug

The Creek

The clear water
The rushing water hitting the rocks
The spray of cool water against my skin
The damp air in the shade
The cool water coming down the creek

The Lunch Room

My cabin group lining up
My fork to pick up my food
My friend groaning after he ate too much
The warm food touch the inside of my mouth
The sweet scent of dessert

Easy level poetry

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huge, strong, resistant

Banana Slug
slimy, gross, slow
Banana Slug

loud, fast, falling

Camp Fire
active, warm, glowing, blazing, exciting
Camp Fire

Medium level poetry

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small, softly,
glowing, lighting, blazing,
showing the way
ball of fire


Sea Star
strong, sticky,
gripping, holding, eating,
the sea star has a strong grip
star of the ocean

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