Westminster Woods

Westminster Woods
Fun, adventurous, tiring
Westminster Woods

The Campfire
The beautiful flames and sparks of the fire
The warmth of the fire
The crackling and sizzling of the fire
The smoke and ashes of the fire
The burning hot flames of the fire

The Cargo Net
A bumpy roller coaster
Arms pulling me telling me to come and play
Jumping on thin lines of jello
A square hole trying to suck me in
A tightrope one step and I can fall
A tester testing my limits
Walking on ice and slipping
Doing parkour

Salt Point
Wet, sandy
Climbing, slipping, tripping
Rocks, maze like, trees, plants
Extincting, dying, growing
Gigantic, tall
Coast Redwoods


Banana Slug
Yellow, banana-shaped
Slimeing, wiggling, eating
A creature that adventures the forest
Banana Slug

Sea Star
Fascinating, graceful
Walking, escaping, surviving
Arm regenerating creature of the ocean


A creature blending in rocks
The bumpy, hard texture of the chiton’s valves
The waves of the ocean crashing into the rocks
The strong wind against my face
The salty air of Salt Point

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