Salt Point

Living, habitat,

Earning, amazing, observing,
 Rocks, incredible, gloomy, scary,
Exciting, learning, exploring,
Cold, moonlight
Night hike


 Armstrong Redwoods

Like many giants reaching down to grab me
Like a calm giant meeting in the forest
Like a tall sky scraper bowing down at me
Like a refreshing pool of nature surrounding me
Like the redwoods are the roof of an indoor nature center
Like a maze through the redwood trees
Like an army of tall soldiers defending the forest

Crunchy, sugary, delicious

Delicious, healthy
Energizing, appetizing, amazing
 Enjoyed the food every day

Cargo net
Everyone on the cargo net jumping with delight
Everyone screaming with joy and excitement
The cold, and damp cargo net
Clean, and fresh air passing by me
The cold ropes of the cargo net as I lay down and look at the morning sky

Tree house
Like my own small house with many guests in it
Like the staircase is a red carpet to visit a king up in the tree house
Like a wooden tall palace
Like the center of Westminster Woods overviewing everything
Like a redwood tree but not as tall
Like a tower where a great view is given
Like a house in the sky with trees surrounding me


The smoky fire lit up in the darkness of night
Many people laughing and singing forest tunes
The fire warming me a
The flaming smoke of the campfire
The solid wood benches that I sat on at the very moment

Cute, soft beds, warm

Fun, experienced, amazing

Banana slug
Smooth, slimy, decomposer
Banana slug